Doraemon Happy School Lunch Re-MeNT ~ ドラえもん 楽しい給食 リーメント

Doraemon Happy School Lunch Re-MeNT ~ ドラえもん 楽しい給食 リーメント

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Re-Ment Doraemon series 'Happy School Lunch'. There are 8 scene of Doraemon school lunch. Each contains a mini gum. It costs for 500 yen(4USD) each.

1.Happy School Lunch start:楽しい給食が始まるよ
2.We love curry rice:みんな大好き!カレーライス
3.I'm wait staff today:今日はおかず係
4.Let's clear away!:みんなでお片づけ
5.I love soft type noodles:大好き!ソフト麺
6.Who'll get fried dough?:あげパンは争奪戦!?
7.Exciting! event school lunch:わくわく!イベント給食
8.Our request school lunch:みんなのリクエスト給食

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This channel is made by decocookie and 30oyaji.



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